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Glamping has become an increasingly popular vacation getaway amongst Canadians in the last decade. It allows guests to remove themselves from the busyness of everyday life and enjoy the many therapeutic qualities of nature - all without having to sacrifice comfort! In fact, they experience hotel-style luxury. Glamping transcends traditional ‘tent and sleeping bag’ camping through sturdier shelters, the comfort of a full sized bed and coming furnished with amenities guests typically find at home.

Domelake started in late 2020 by a family looking for a unique cottage getaway in beautiful northern Ontario. Noticing a lack of unique spaces, they decided to go a different route. After carefully researching geodesic domes they gathered the resources needed to create their own perfect lakefront space - but this was too good to keep to themselves! Many pandemic related delays, sleepless nights and hard work later, Domelake was ready to welcome guests in the fall of 2022.

We are a True North Oasis located on 2 acres of Ontario’s beautiful cottage country. DomeLake is located in South River, halfway between North Bay and Huntsville in the district of Parry Sound. Our 290 feet of lakefront property will allow guests to experience the beauty of Deer Lake to the fullest extent with DomeLake provided canoes. Guests will be able to fish, explore the spectacular foliage surrounding the lake and go for a swim!

Unwind, relax and recharge.

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